Dr. Clifford had the privilege to speak with young ladies from 6-12th grade at a local school. This is the Facebook status of one of the girls. This is why this book was written -

for women to know how valuable they are.


​This book is written with women in mind but men would also benefit from it.
It is a collection of stories that will help a woman discover the DIAMOND that she is
and realize that she is not just a piece of GLASS !

For women of all ages to see the truth - 
That they are someone of tremendous value, worth, and beauty (a Diamond). 
For them to become empowered, bold, and strong (a Diamond ). 
For them to never accept any less respect from anyone than a Diamond deserves.

For men to take on the challenge of treating a woman like a Diamond,
protecting her, keeping her secure, and letting her shine
through all the many wonderful facets that she has!
​And to realize he will give up nothing in doing so!