Dr. Rick Clifford ​grew up in a home with divorce. He saw aunts with abusive husbands, divorces, remarriages, and more divorces. He has even been through a divorce himself.

Dr. Clifford has been a chiropractor since 1994 where about 75% of his patients are female. He's heard every story there is of abuse, affairs, and divorce.

He's had numerous assistants who have been through bad relationships.

He has offered a treatment in his office since 2005 which deals with the emotional side of things and realizes just how deep rooted some of these emotions can be.

With all of these things surrounding him, it's no wonder he was inspired with this story.

One morning, he awoke at 4 AM with the entire story in his mind - even the images - and he starting putting the ideas together. He began speaking with different women and listening to their stories, asking if they would be willing to write them for a book in order to help other women in the same situation.