"I was numb, heartbroken, and devastated. I felt foolish and again, unworthy of love. I decided that this was all life had for me. I would be the best mother I could and try to be content. I didn't have the energy for another divorce, didn't want another romantic relationship and didn't want to put my children through any of it.

​.....Until I met Phillip, I couldn't imagine God's love.  I believe with all my heart that God sent Phillip to me so that I could accept and understand God's pure love. I am a better, more complete person because I am loved and secure and know both human and Godly love. I sometimes wonder how different my life would have been had I realized the way God saw me from the first. I do not ruminate on the point however. It is enough to know it now. My prayer for each female reader is to understand your true beauty from the inside out, the way God sees us.  I also pray for each man reading this to help your sisters, daughters, friends, and wives to know that you see them that way as well.  We are all diamonds in God's eyes." - Elaine

"My home life with my mother was abusive; traumatizing both physically and mentally. My mother had a very bipolar personality. In public and to other people she was extremely nice and giving. Behind closed doors, she would beat my sister and I with anything she could grab when she was in a rage. Metal hangers, belts, curtain rods, and especially her fists. I remember more than once looking down at my thighs and seeing bleeding welts.

.....I am now a wife and a mother. Once I had children, the anger of my childhood abuses came back because as I look at my children, I cannot imagine doing the things my parents did to me. A mother who was so abusive and an absent father that knew but did not help....I will not allow this to happen to my children. I did not allow my past situations to consume me; I rebelled and decided to love me and live for me."

- Faith

"My experience with the opposite sex involved death, shame, hurt and fear and I was the cause. There were never any good experiences. By the time I was 20 years old, I had never had an interaction with a nice, decent, respectful male. My belief became that I was created to be a toy, a play thing for the males of this world. I have no choice in the matter and I cannot change it. This is what I am.

.....There is a toxic pattern hanging over my life. I do see it and I do wish to break it. Miraculously, somehow, I have this tiny sliver of hope that all males are not like the ones that have come into my life. I do not have the answers but something tells me to keep moving forward. So I do."